Summer 2020 Trends – Men’s Edition

by Sonia Jamil


  • Summer is on the horizon and it’s time to beat the heat. It’s easier to style when temperatures drop. But that doesn’t mean a man can’t look his best during the warm months. We’ve compiled the ultimate hit-list to slay your summer style before summer even arrives.

    Summers are hotter than your crush, so keep it light! 


    The Tee’s

    For a very casual wear invest in some t-shirts that are simple. Avoid the graphic Tee’s and typo t-shirts. Improvise your collection with striped Tee’s. You can pair them up with jog pants and sneakers for a complete look.

    If the situation calls for some class you can either go for polos, long-sleeve button-ups or short-sleeve button-ups.

    The Polos

    Go for neutral colors. You can pair polos with jeans or shorts to give a smart and stylish look.

    The Shirts

    For button-ups, you need to keep the heat in mind.

    Select light weight linens for long-sleeves. Plain light colored shirts are a staple for the season. But don’t get boring and try out some patterned ones also.

    The same rules apply to Short-sleeve shirts. Keep it light and breezy.

    Patterned short-sleeves are very much in style this season. Dump the ‘Hawaiian theme’ and bowling shirts. However, florals are acceptable.

    The Jackets

    Bomber jackets are still in style. Choose one that is thin and neutral like cream color. Unlined denim jackets.


    The Shorts

    Chino shorts are trending. If you want to play it safe go for Khaki ones, although you can change up your wardrobe with an addition of black or navy shorts.

    Athletic shorts are another option for casual situations. You can easily pair them up with tees and tanks.

    Avoid overly baggy and long shorts, you don’t want to look like a 70s basketball player.

    Denim shorts aka ‘Jorts’, are a casual look you can carry out with a nice shirt. But beware that it doesn’t go with every outfit.

    Tip: the perfect fit for summer shorts are those with lengths slightly above the knee and width bit of space without winging.

    The Pants

    Pants and summer don’t exactly go hand in hand. But you may find yourself slipping into them this summer.

    Go for some lighter shades of jeans or black jeans, which always look good. Olive, grey, blue or anything non-fluorescent is a good choice. Stay away from the 'true blues' and anything acid-wash.

    Tip: Chino pants are the best as the material is lightweight and made for the warm weather


    There are plenty of options for footwear this summer. Boat shoes go with almost anything. Keep the colors subtle, white is always a good option, while it gives a bit of pop.

    Sneakers on the other hand, if done right can look amazing with your summer outfit. Although, black and white sneakers can be carried out easily, a pair of low profile sneakers in any color will do.

    Tip: white leather sneakers are top of the list this summer. They are versatile and work with any summer outfit.

    Socks are preferable to some. No-show or mid-calf socks can be worn proudly; black, white or grey. 

    Whether you want your summer style to be edgy, minimalistic or sophisticated, don’t sweat it. The material really matters, keep it lightweight but don’t sacrifice the aesthetic.

    Hit summer in style!

    04 April 2020

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