Ramadan 2020: 3 Easy and Peculiarly Refreshing No-Sugar Drinks

by Sonia Jamil


  • When Ramadan arrives in the summer, its time to load on replenishing drinks for Suhoor and Iftar!

    Here are three delicious and relatively easy-to-make beverages that you could enjoy both before and after breaking the day's fast. 

    1. Honey Mango Shake


    1 cup Milk2 scoops of Vanilla ice-cream (if available), 1tbsp of HoneyMango cut into pieces (save some for topping), Pistachios(for garnishing), Mint leaves (for garnishing).


    Add the mango pieces, milk, vanilla ice-cream and honey into the blending jar and blend the mixture at high for about a minute.

    In a glass place the remaining pieces of mango at the bottom and pour the blended mixture into 3/4th of the glass. Then top the shake with a scoop of ice-cream. Garnish with pistachios and mint leaves for presentation. 

    2. Strawberry Mint Limeade


    7-8 fresh Strawberries hulled, ½ cup water, 2 tbsp of Honey, ¼ cup fresh Lime juice, Mint leaves, Crushed ice, Sparkling water/ Sprite.


    In a blender add strawberries, water, honey and lime. Blend until smooth.

    Pour half a glass with the mixture, crush mint leaves and add to the limeade. Fill the rest of the glass with crushed ice and sparkling water/ sprite.

    3. Dates Smoothie