How the NBA players cope up staying at home with the season postponed.

by Muizz Fazeel


  • NBA season being postponed or cancelled due to the Corona virus, players are constricted in homes. Only a short period of time since the league announced it would postpone the season. Players are spending their time in various ways. Here's what the top players of the league are doing during this time of social distancing.

    Staying fit during the crisis

    King James shared on Instagram his posts related to being fit as always keeping the work out schedules going on without any interruption even during social distancing.

    Players under self quarantine are getting creative in many ways to get a workout within the use of their relative teams facilities. Serge Ibaka is no stranger to make video contents also has his own cooking show, with a series of twitter video Serge Ibaka has showed he is working out at home in a motive to encourage everyone who is social distancing to stay healthy.

    Video Games

    It's no surprise at all, Players on the league are taking their gaming consoles to help fill the void of playing an actual game of basketball. Luka Doncic from Dallas Mavericks wanted some help to setup his stream after he got the news that the NBA season had been postponed so his fans could watch him play, while Trae Young took to twitter to put a call out for anyone who is confident to challenge him.

    Watching Highlights

    Most people who are missing basketball right now are likely spending hours on you-tube's search bar typing in class NBA highlights from years ago or perhaps games that happened a few weeks ago. Not only watching old games, or highlights of the league also watching tape of former individual highlights of themselves.

    25 March 2020

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