8 water-less ways to stay hydrated this summer

by Sonia Jamil


  • When it comes to staying hydrated, nothing beats drinking a glass of water, but there are some alternatives!

    Summer is fast approaching, and we can feel the heat. Although, water is considered the best choice of hydration, you don't have to always be drinking it. Here are eight ways to keep your-self hydrated without water this summer.

    1. Watermelons

    Composed of 92% water, watermelons are low in calories and high in nutrients such as Vitamin A, B1, B5, B6, C, Magnesium and Potassium. The content of water and fiber provides a good volume of nutrition without a lot of calories and also helps you feel full.

    2. Cut Down On Salt

    Salt in the diet can dehydrate the body. The human body requires a very low dose of daily salt intake, which can be easily provided by veggies and fruits. Hence, replace the fried foods with some coconut water, apple slices or baby carrots; they contain the right amount of salt our bodies need.

    3. Milk

    Research has found that milk is better at hydrating you than water because it is retained in the body for longer. In addition, milk provides essential nutrients including calcium, protein, and B vitamins. However it should be consumed in moderation because of the high calorie content.

    4. Blend-up A Fruit Smoothie

    Fruits such as oranges, watermelon, apples, pineapples and peaches have high water content. Instead of milk or yoghurt, try adding water and some ice with your choice of fruits and blend-up a delicious drink. You can make a large batch and have it throughout the day while keeping yourself hydrated.

    5. Iceberg Lettuce

    They contain 96% of water and is a great addition to salads for some re hydration. Add some cucumbers and tomatoes to boost the water levels.

    6. Moisturize Your Skin

    Moisturizing will make sure that the moisture is locked into your skin, which helps to build the skin's natural protective barrier. This will prevent any water loss and ensure that your skin remains soft and smooth. The best time to do this would be right after stepping out of your morning shower and then once again before going to sleep. If you have to be outside, sunscreen is essential to keep the moisture locked in.

    7. Soups

    If you have the option, choose a clear soup rather than a creamy one, this is a great way to boost your water intake and energy levels and will keep your body full of water.

    8. Sip On Some Herbal Tea

    Tea is about as good as water at hydrating you, but only if consumed at normal levels. Tea is 100% water, but flavored with herbs. Try not to add sugar, so you can enjoy the benefits. 

    16 May 2020

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