8 Trends that went viral during Quarantine

by Sonia Jamil


  • As we accustom ourselves to the new normal, what seemed like an endless quarantine; gave us a list of new trends!

    Since lockdowns and curfews have been lifted and we have pretty much gained our freedom back, let's look back at few trends that started after people were quarantined.

    Medical mask fashion

    You could forget anything but your mask. Whether it's going to the supermarket or just to your car, wearing a mask has become a big deal. Who knew a medical mask would be part of our daily attire. People are designing masks that could go with every outfit.

    Going LIVE on Instagram

    A trend that anyone and everyone followed. Although it gave us something to watch, personally it was quite annoying to have someone or the other coming live.  Celebs saw this as a chance to put their best foot forward "virtually". 

    TikTok videos

    TikTok was always popular, but this time celebrities decided to join the app for some entertainment. 

    Dalgona coffee

    Who could forget the cheap and cheerful DIY drink that was on everyone's feeds and stories?  This light as air frothy beverage made its way through every social media platform. No quarantine was complete without this. 

    Cinnamon rolls

    Cinnabon could probably have gone out of business by the end of quarantine, for the amount of cinnamon rolls that people baked during quarantine. No doubt cinnamon rolls are relatively easy and can be made from scratch.

    Posting #throwbacks

    So since people were stuck at home under lockdown, they decided to dig their photo gallery for pictures from past travels or general photos of being out and about to fill Instagram feeds, with #throwback trending. 

    Quarantine routines

    Scroll through YouTube and you'll find hundreds of YouTubers repeating, "Many of you have been asking for my quarantine routine, so here it is!"

    Quarantine memes

    And despite the uncertain times, we got our daily dose of laughter with these memes. 

    06 July 2020

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