14 things to do while being stuck in quarantine.

by Sonia Jamil


  • Cancelled plans, postponed events and quarantine. Governments have asked people to be in self-quarantine to curb the Coronavirus. In these times of social distancing here are 14 things to do while being in quarantine to prevent yourself from falling into depression....

    1. Start a blog or journal

    You don’t have to necessarily be Shakespeare or Charles Dickens to write, as long as you have creativity. So spend your quarantine days writing a journal or blog. 

    2. Self-care

    Being in quarantine can keep you over the edge, so utilize this time on yourself. Apply a face mask, treat yourself with a delicious desert and develop a positive vibe.

    3. Declutter

    Organize that cupboard, rearrange that shelf. Don’t complain about time, because folks! you have all the time in the world now. Throw all those unnecessary rubbish before the cockroaches and spiders lay eggs in them.

    4. Make TikTok videos

    As cringey as it could be, try making a quarantine- themed tik-tok. Just for fun!

    5. Read a book

    When was the last time you read a book? Read a book of your favorite genre and  if you don't have one, there are plenty of sites and app you could download and read books from.

    6. Bake

    Heat up the oven. Bake something scrumptious!

    7. Learn a tongue twister

    ‘She Sells Seashells on the Sea Shore’ or ‘Betty Bought a Butter the Butter was Bitter so Betty Bought a Better Butter to make the Bitter Butter Better’…. Phew!!! 

    8. Glasses or No glasses

    Try out virtual glasses on yourself on optical sites. They might just suit you.

    9. Get a free trial of a streaming service

    Streaming service such as Netflix offer free trials, so subscribe to these and binge-watch as much as you can before it expires.

    10. Meditate

    Relax your mind and try some yoga or just take deep breaths, in through your nose and out through your mouth.

    11. Video chat 

    Missing friends and/or family! FaceTime, skype or Google Hangouts with them. 

    12. Workout

    Get those adrenalines rushing! Sweat it out with some at-home cardio and strength training exercises.

    13. Learn to cook something new

    Cook up a new recipe and experiment with your taste buds.

    14. Sleep. Get lots of it.

    This is your chance to sit at home and chill. So don't screw it up! #StayHome #StaySafe

    24 March 2020

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