10 foods you didn’t know were unhealthy

by Sonia Jamil


  • 1. Canned soup

    Before you buy them check the Nutrition facts chart. Most canned soups contain high levels of sodium which can lead to high blood pressure, heart diseases and stroke.

    2. Cereal bars

    They are full of sugar and fat. You rather check the ingredients and make a healthier version at home.

    3. Processed meat

    These meats are preserved by curing, salting, smoking, drying or canning and contain high levels of nitrites which are unhealthy additives. It could increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

    4. Pre-prepared meals

    Pre-prepared meals in the frozen sections of supermarkets contain high levels of fat and sodium.

    5. Energy drinks

    They are usually concentrated sources of caffeine which in the long run can cause headaches and nervousness.

    6. Artificial sweeteners

    Sweeteners such as saccharin, aspartame and sucralose do not contain calories but can lead to cardiovascular diseases and prediabetes.

    7. Jams

    Avoid jams containing sodium benzoate which is a preservative added to prevent the growth of bacteria. It could cause hyperactivity in children.

    8. Meats cooked on the grill

    Meats that are cooked at high temperatures can release carcinogenic elements. It can increase the risk of developing pancreatic and prostate cancer.

    9. Jarred pickles

    Although they do not contain calories, they tend to have high levels of sodium.

    10. Crackers

    Take the time to read the list of ingredients because many of these crackers contain abundant amounts of salt and saturated fats.

    24 March 2020

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